We are the
National Social Marketing Centre

international experts at behaviour change

Improving lives across the world with social marketing
  • Project Planning & Implementation

    We have been at the forefront of social marketing right from the beginning and we help clients to develop genuinely customer-focused?solutions to social marketing challenges.

  • Research & Project Evaluation

    We can help you at every stage of your behaviour change project, including?planning, implementation?and evaluation, by carrying out?effective and insightful?research.

  • Training and Mentoring Services

    Designed?with your?objectives in mind, our training?courses use our experience?and best practice social marketing principles to enhance the skills of your team.

Our Resources

Our team have a wealth of experience - and we’re happy to share them with you

  • Introduction to Social Marketing


    Our Social Marketing Award is the only introduction to social marketing course accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). This two-day course provides an introduction to the basic principles of social marketing and at the end of the course you will have a thorough understanding of how to develop an effective behaviour change project.?

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  • What is Social Marketing?


    ?We have?a range of videos on our You Tube channel that explain a number of past social marketing projects in detail and?cover all aspects of the social marketing process from project inception through to evaluation.?In this video?Dr. Rowena Merritt, Head of Research at the NSMC?provides a brief explanation of what social marketing can achieve.?

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  • Planning Guide and Toolkit


    Our practical Social Marketing Guide and Toolkit can help you develop, plan and deliver behaviour change projects that work. Drawing on lessons learned through years of research and practical experience, we take you through?the six key stages of succesful projects and provide tools and templates to support you through the process.

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  • Big Pocket Guide to Social Marketing


    The NSMC shares social marketing best practice through a range of?reports, leaflets and documents, many of which are?available?by free download. If you are new to the subject, download our popular Big Pocket Guide to Social Marketing. This guide outlines what social marketing is and how you can use it to change or sustain?behaviours.

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